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Case study Cammeray

Strata Plan 1204

I. Motivation:

The retro-fit of new architectural aluminium windows and doors and frameless glass balustrades to the above strata plan building was motivated by the building ownerships desire to:

  1. Replace existing dilapidated timber windows and doors which were presenting as a potential safety risk and contributing to water ingress issues within the building.
  2. Increase the overall aesthetic presentation of the building by use of new modern architectural profiled sections and the installation of new frameless glass balustrades.
  3. Offer individual owners an “immediate capital gain” for their small investment and create a greater comfort level and lifestyle, with new modern products.

II. Project Development Process

Before finalising project budgets an appropriate window design needed to be agreed upon. Criteria for this design was set with the following considerations:

  1. Aesthetic appeal - the selected aluminium window system must align visually with previously installed timber windows and doors. A matching aluminium architectural style was selected and complimented the existing windows well without altering the traditional appearance of the building.
  2. Low Maintenance - the new powder coated architectural style integrated an internal collapsing feature allowing all exterior faces of the new windows to be cleaned internally by use of this feature. This also removed the need for any scaffold during the installation process saving the owners corporation over $40,000.00.
  3. Budget considerations and over-capitalisation - With only 30 % owner occupiers nominating this as a primary place of residence over capitalisation was a strong concern for investors.

    The owner’s corporation sought accurate rental and property sales data to present to both owners and investors, clearly identifying predicted rental income increases and increase in property values. Each result supported a minimum 15% to 20 % increase for rental income and selling value effective immediately post work being completed.

    This was supported by 3 successful sales acquiring $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 above previous RP data results with each individual owners’ contribution was under $10,000.00 for the entire project.

III. Implementation

It was decided to stage the work would be completed in 2 stages.  Firstly the installation of the aluminium windows and then the doors and balconies.

All windows were carefully removed demonstrating appropriate safety management, new selected powder coated windows were installed without use of scaffold and all existing finished surfaces were preserved (refer to installation guide technical drawing) .

Prior to new tiled surfaces or installation of new doors or frameless glass balustrades, all existing surfaces were carefully examined for evidence of concrete spalling.  Minimal spalling was detected and appropriate action was taken. All findings were documented by the owners corporation offering a level of confidence and ensuring structural longevity for all future owners and occupiers.

Caste Study Cammeray
Caste Study Cammeray