Vision 3 Window Systems

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Product Range


At Vision 3 we use marine grade componentry stainless steel to ensure long life and minimal wear and tear. Our shutters come with warranties against warping, chipping, paint peeling, and UV damage.

Our extensive range of high quality shutters include:

For a full description of the various features of anyone of these products, please contact us.

Vision 3 shutters are available in numerous styles, with a large range of optional features. This means that you have the freedom to create to look you want. There are two types of tracking systems. These are:

Bi-fold shutters are made up of 2 or more panels installed in a concertina effect.

Sliding doors use a double tracking system to allow a panel to slide past the panel next to it.

We supply everything you need to make installation simple. In most cases we have fitted all the hardware so that all you need to do is follow the three simple steps provided in the instructions.

  1. Assemble the frame, all pre cut to size.
  2. Fix frame to the window opening
  3. Slide the pin into the Hinges, close shutters to see if they require adjustment. Lock hinges into place with final screws.